Food for Thought - About

Food for Thought is an event organized every few months by study association Asset. The event is open to all employees and students of Tilburg University, who are willing to join.
Every session will revolve around a certain theme. During each session, one or more speakers, usually important politicians or business-professionals, will be interviewed by students about recent developments. The audience, mainly students, is challenged to participate and ask questions. The interviews are in the afternoon and will take approximately 45 minutes per speaker. Previous guests were Al Gore, Nout Wellink, Ruud Lubbers, Agnes Jongerius and Alexander Pechtold. More speakers can be found under "Previous Speakers".
The purpose of Food for Thought is to let students get in touch with recent themes and give them insights in the world of professionals and business. This also adds to the goal of Tilburg University: Understanding Society.
Every few months, this event is organized by the assigned committee of Asset. As a member of this committee you will think about interesting subjects and guests, send invitations to speakers, promote the event and function as a floor manager during the event. If you would like to be part of this big event, please send an email to!