Questions related to membership

What are the advantages of an Asset membership?

Being a member of Asset has many benefits for you as a student at Tilburg University. Examples of these benefits are:

  • A 15% discount on all English study books and a 10% discount on all Dutch study books purchased at Studystore or via our webshop
  • Discounts on all activities organized by Asset and the Asset departments
  • Guidelines for only €3 instead of €5
  • Discounts at several partner companies, check them here
  • You receive mailings from companies that can help you with your future career
  • You receive an Asset member card. You can find more information about the advantages of the Asset member card over here.

What are the advantages of becoming an active member?

Becoming an active member is a plus on your resume and by being an active member you increase your chances for a board year, which is an even bigger plus on your resume. Furthermore, when you are an active member you develop yourself by getting familiar with organizing activies. Besides those practical issues, becoming active is fun! You will get to know a lot of your fellow students and you can join all the parties Asset organizes, like for example the COdE Beercantus!

When can I become an active member of asset?

Any time you want! Most committees have a fixed starting month, but there are also many committees that continuously accept new members. Information about the period of the committee is available in the committee overview. Most students become active in their second year of study, but of course you can also become active in your first year already or when you are a (pre)master student. 

Is there an application procedure?

No (there are some exceptions), you send an email to and then you will be contacted for an appointment, without any obligations.

How to subscribe for Asset?

For more information about the subcription at Asset and the subscription procedure click here.

What is the difference between passive and active membership?

Active members organize activities and events and work on other affairs related to the goals of the study association, so that the students can be helped in the best possible way. When you are a passive member, you do not have to do anything but you do have the advantages of discount Asset offers (for example: book discount at the Studystore on campus and a discount on the guidelines) and you will be updated about everything Asset offers.

How to unsubscribe for Asset?

To unsubscribe, you can send an email to Your unsubscription will then be finalized as soon as possible. You will get a confirmation mail when this is done.
IMPORTANT: deadline for unsubscription is September 30. If you send an email after this date, you are too late and you will have to pay the membership fee for the academic year, which started at the preceding September 1.

Can international students become active as well?

Yes. Most associations of Asset are perfectly accessible for non-Dutch speaking students. The only requirement is that you speak English. There is already a small group of international students active member and this usually works out well. For some functions it is required to speak Dutch, but this will be mentioned in the committee overview.

Do I need to live in Tilburg to become active member?

This is not required, but it is will make some things easier for you, for example when there are drinks, activities at night and when you are teambuilding with your fellow committee members. Getting to know other active members can help you finding a nice room in Tilburg. 

I would like to become a board member, what do I need to do for this?

All Asset associations have an application procedure for students willing to become a board member. Most of the associations change their boards once a year, but some change twice a year. Check the website of the association you are interested in to get the information you need, or contact us. The application procedure usually includes sending in your motivation letter and cv, followed by an individual conversation. Mostly students with some previous experience with committees within Asset apply, but that does not mean other students make no chance! Ask the current board members for more information if you think about being a board member, they will be able to help you with that.