Some general frequently asked questions are answered on this page. For student or company specific frequently asked questions you can navigate to them via the menu on the right.

Which events does Asset organize?

Asset organizes a broad range of activities, both formal and informal. Several large events  are organized faculty-wide. Moreover, every Asset department organizes its own activities specificallyfor their target group. Below, you can find a list of activities that are organized by Asset. For department-specific activities, we refer to the websites of the corresponding departments.

August 23, 2016 Asset Party
September 14, 2016 General Members Meeting & Constitution Drink
September 21, 2016 Asset Party: Kick Off
September 30 - November 4, 2016 Asset In-house Days
November 10, 2016 Gala
November 23, 2016 Asset Party
December 22, 2016 COdE Beercantus
February 08, 2017 Active Members Day
February 20, 2017 General Members Meeting
February 23, 2017 Asset Party: Pre Carnaval
March 16, 2017 COdE Beercantus
April 10, 2017 - April 26, 2017 Economic Business weeks Tilburg (EBT)
June 22, 2017 Asset Champions League
June 28, 2017 Announcement Drink
July 10, 2017 - July 30, 2017 The International Experience

What are the differences between Asset and a specific department?

The departments are focussing on a certain field of study. This means that the companies they have contact with suit a certain study. Each department is part of Asset.

What is the difference between a Study Association and Student Association?

At a student organization, you are more obliged to join activities. At a study association you are free to join whenever suits you best. Moreover, a study association is also very learnful since it is specified to your study. A study assocation is a combination of study and fun.