Master Experience Days

Are you a bachelor student at a Research University or a student at a University of Applied Sciences and still in doubt about your next step? Asset organizes the Master Experience Days just for you! The Master Experience Days aim to introduce you to the different Master’s programs you can follow at Tilburg School of Economics and Management. This day is an excellent opportunity to find out more about the Master’s programs in an informal way. We will start the session with an introduction talk of the Academic Director, to continue with a case by a company or a mini lecture. This is an ideal opportunity to experience what it is like to study this Master.

From March 19 until March 22, Asset will organize sessions for the Masters in Accounting, Economics, Econometrics, Finance, Information Management, International Management, Marketing Management, Strategic Management and Supply Chain Management. You can register for as many sessions as you like.

Registration forms will open soon!

To get more information about the Master Experience Days please click on the respective study. The Master Experience Days take place on the following dates:

  Monday March 19 Tueseday March 20 Wednesday March 21 Thursday March 22
Morning session

- MSc International Management (CZ009)

- MSc Supply Chain management (CZ009) - MSc Finance (CZ121)

- MSc Marketing Management/Analytics (CZ110) 

Afternoon session
- MSc Strategic Management (CZ110) - MSc Accountancy 

- MSc Finance (CZ121)

- MSc Information Management (CZ009)


- MSc Marketing Management/Analytics (CZ110)

- MSc Economics (CZ006)