Economic Business weeks Tilburg

The Economic Business weeks Tilburg (EBT) is a project in cooperation with Asset Tilburg and reaches around 6.000 students every year, thereby making it one of the largest career events in the Netherlands. The event aims to bring students of every field of study in economics and management in contact with companies operating within the business sector. The Economic Business weeks Tilburg is a unique opportunity for you to orientate yourself on your future career, realizing an internship or get more information about your future employers.

What does the EBT 2017 offer you?

April 3: Business Night. The Business Night is the modern, fresh and entertaining successor of the Asset Conference. The event will take place in the evening and serves as the grand opening of the Economic Business weeks Tilburg. It aims at broadening students' vision by sharing inspiring stories.

April 5: CV Checks and LinkedIn Checks. Have your CV and LinkedIn profile checked by professionals. They can provide you with all the tips necessary to improve them. Moreover, a professional photographer will be available this day to take a picture that you can use for your CV and LinkedIn profile.

April 11: Training Day. By participating in the Training Day in the Willem II Conference Center, you will be able to develop your personal skills as well prepare for a job application. In the morning personal development is the central focus. You can follow sessions with topics like presenting, communicating and networking. The afternoon sessions, on the other hand, are focused on different assessment trainings. Professionals will guide you through the process of an assessment and will show how important issues can be tackled. Besides the regular Dutch Track, the EBT offers a special International Track. We invite international students to increase their knowledge on what it is like to stay and work in the Netherlands in the future.

April 12: Consultancy Orientation Day. Are you interested in consultancy and want to experience what it is like to be a consultant? Or do you want to get in touch with a specific large consultancy firm? The Consultancy Orientation Day offers you the opportunity to get to know several big consultancy firms and to show them your skills and competences.

April 13, 18, 19, 20, 21: Company Days. These days are devoted to contact with your future employer. By attending Company Presentations and Speed Dates, companies can give you a first impression of their activities. Workshops offer you the possibility to impress the company while applying your knowledge to a business case. Furthermore, a company can get to know you more thoroughly via Individual Conversations, and vice versa. Finally, there is the opportunity to get to know a company better during a delicious Business Lunch. In short: the Company Days offer every kind of contact with the companies of your interest!

April 24: FrieslandCampina Case Day. During this day a real life case is presented. In this way you get the opportunity to show your motivation and skills. The day starts with a Business Lunch and will be followed by an extensive case.

April 25: Accountancy Orientation Day. During the Accountancy Orientation Day you will get the chance to get to know three of the big four accountancy firms. Feel what it is like to work at EY, PwC and Deloitte during a case and discover the working atmosphere during a golf clinic, dinner and informal drink!

It is of the highest importance that you start thinking about your future. If you start preparing today, you will stand out tomorrow! As you can see the EBT offers you a wide variety of activities. For more information, visit our website: The subscriptions will open on February 13, 2017!