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Being a member of Asset has many benefits for you as a student at Tilburg University. Examples of these benefits are:

  • A 15% discount on all English study books and a 10% discount on all Dutch study books purchased in our webshop
  • Discounts on all activities organized by Asset and the Asset departments
  • Guidelines for only €3 instead of €5
  • Discounts at several partner companies such as Starbucks, check them here
  • You receive mailings from companies that can help you with your future career

How to subscribe

The vast majority of all TiSEM students is a member of Asset. The costs of becoming a member of Asset are only €15 annually which you will earn back quite quick. For this amount, you will become a member of Asset and one or several of the Asset departments of your choice. By becoming a member you agree to the General Conditions which you can find here. We advise you to read them carefully as they contain all relevant information about your membership at our association.

If you want to subscribe for Asset, you can do so in two ways:

  • You can subscribe online (only when you have a valid IBAN bank account! If you don't have this you have to be subscribed manually) via these steps. Be aware that ordering books with a discount through our webshop is only possible a day after subscribing for Asset. The reason for this is that it takes up to 24 hours to activate your account.
  • You can drop by Asset in the Esplanade building in room E112. You can also visit one of the Asset departements if you need help with subscribing. These departments are also situated on the second floor of the Esplanade Building.

Depending on in which country your bank is located the membership fee will be withdrawn from your bank account or you have to pay in cash. By filling out the subscription form it will become clear what applies to your situation and which further actions you have to take.

We hope we can welcome you as a new member of Asset!

Become an active member!

Becoming an active member in one of our many committees means that you will get to know many new people, organize extracurricular activities and have a lot of fun! Furthermore you will learn a lot and doing committee work is a great addition to your CV. If you are interested, you can come by the Asset Room (E112) or send an email to We are happy to tell you more about all the options we can offer you.

How to end your subscription

If you graduate you can continue your membership as alumni of our association. Find all information about this here . If you want to end your membership you can simply send an email to The unsubscription deadline for an academic year is October 1.